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Reflections of a repatriated ex-patriot

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last Sunday I went to a "system works" party with friends and coworkers to celebrate the first Sunday in which, like a truely free human being, you can go out and purchase booze from the liquor store on a Sunday. Hell Yeah!

I've never understood why it takes so long to repeal prohibition-era laws still on the books. Prior to this glorious liberty, which was passed through referrendum several months ago, you had the option to either go to a bar or restaurant, or go to the grocery store to get yourself some 3.2 percent alcohol beer. It was always annoying as hell. They might as well just not even sell it at all!

It happened to me several times, especially during the summer, that I would have the sudden notion of going to the park on Sunday and invite my friends to grill and drink, only to remember the fascist tyranny under which we lived at the last moment. I once even went so far as to get the patties from the grocerty store, not realizing until just before I was to check out (while thinking about getting a bag of ice for the cooler) that my whole enterprise that day was mired in futility.

Now, however, I'm able to be enjoy the liberties for which my forefathers fought, and head down to Logan Liquors where I can fill my cooler with local brew summer ales and draft cans of Guinness.

One of the few times one is able to enjoy the fruits of pure democracy in action.